Is Tramadol Addicting?

A lack of available information on Tramadol has led to confusion and many misconceptions about this drug. Certain patients classify Tramadol the same as narcotics such as morphine and refuse to take it due a fear of addiction. On the contrary, Tramadol works wonderfully for pain management and when used responsibly will not lead to dependence or addiction. While the Journal of Family Practice has published studies which show the low risk of abuse that accompanies Tramadol usage, there are some risks of dependence and there are a hand full of reasons why this will happen.

The majority of the problems arise when patients self-medicate. Taking Tramadol when not under the supervision of a health care professional can be a dangerous proposition. Many states do not require a prescription for this drug which leads to commonplace usage.

Another problem arises during the overuse of Tramadol. Using Tramadol beyond the necessary time to manage pain will cause dependence. Patients may continually increase dosage or extend periods of use in the hope that a higher dosage will result in more pain relief. Every drug has its own maximum dosage and using them beyond the prescribed dosage can have adverse effects. Tramadol is a pain management drug and is not prescribed to cure any other malignant health conditions.

Addiction Or Dependency?

Health care professionals are careful to note that there is a difference between addiction and dependency. Dependency on Tramadol may occur when patients have pre-existing mental or psychological conditions that need to be addressed. While there are many cases in which a doctor will prescribe this pain management drug for extended periods, special care must be taken when the Tramadol is no longer needed. Both the patient and their doctor need to develop a plan to taper off Tramadol to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

There are a few common occurrences that take place when someone begins developing an addiction to Tramadol. These include taking the drug for longer than prescribed, taking higher doses than necessary for the pain management, and taking doses more frequently than prescribed. Patients may claim to their doctor that they have lost their Tramadol in order to get another prescription or visit multiple pharmacies and doctors in an attempt to get multiple prescriptions. Continually focusing on when the next dose will be, lying in an attempt to get a dose, or obsessing over how to purchase more prescriptions are a few clear signs of addiction.

How To Beat Tramadol Addiction

There are a few easy steps to avoid addiction or combat it once it has taken hold. The first thing to keep in mind is to follow the doctor’s prescription and advice exactly and stay focused on self-discipline and awareness. The Waismann Method of Accelerated Neuro-Regulation has become a popular treatment in which patients bypass withdrawal symptoms through various treatments over the course of a few days in the hospital. This is the amount of time that it will take to allow the body to flush the drug from its system and begin normal production of chemicals once more.

There are quite a few studies and testimonies which have been revealed online which show that the use of herbs can prevent addiction and even withdrawal symptoms. Relying on a good diet, regular exercise, or a generally healthy lifestyle should not be taken for granted. Instead, some of the herbs that may prove to be quite effective are kava-kava, fish oil, vitamin B, gingko biloba, and eutherero root.